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If you want parking sensors that look like they were fitted at the factory then the Cobra Flush Fit Front Sensors are perfect. Featuring a patented design with sleeker, smaller low profile sensor eyes that can be colour matched to the vehicle. They have been engineered to fit seamlessly with the car.

The Cobra Flush Fit FrontSensors are packed with pioneering ultrasonic technology that has been developed by the market leading company since 1975. The sensors accurately measure the distance between the vehicle and obstacles and alert you via an audible signal

So if you want to avoid collisions and make parking easier whilst maintaining the style and aesthetics of your car then these have to be the choice.

Why Choose the Cobra Flush Fit Front Sensors?

Because you care about your car’s aesthetics

Because you appreciate superior manufacturing and value quality

Because you see the value in protecting against small bumps and scrapes

To protect your vehicle and your insurance premium

To let them assist you in difficult parking situations

Product Technical Specifications

  • 4 Eye Front Parking Aid
  • Four Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Can be colour coded to the individual vehicle
  • Nominal voltage: 12 VDC
  • Operating voltage range: 8-16 VDC
  • Working temperature: -40c - +85c
  • Dimensions: 60 x 64 x 27 mm
  • Max consumption: <20 m
  • Sensor size: 17mm
  • Bumper hole size: 17mm
  • Protrudes by: 0mm
  • Hole edge overlap: 1mm
  • Mounting face: Internal
  • Radio mute functionality

Installation and Booking

Installation and Booking

All our parking sensor installs include colour match painting. Please supply us with your paint code

To choose the installation option just click on the drop-down menu and select your area.

If your area is not available it could mean that we don’t cover this area for installations and you would need to arrange the installation yourself.

After the order has been paid for and processed we will contact you via email or phone to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for the install.

Our engineer will turn up and install the product.

PLEASE NOTE: If you order a product which is not suitable for your vehicle or we think there might be a better alternative for your needs we will contact you via email or phone to discuss this.


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