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Parking Sensors & Aids

Figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggest that around 17%* of all road accidents involve reversing. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that nearly 25% of all deaths involving vehicles at work in the UK occur during some form of reversing manoeuvre.

With this in mind it’s sensible to find a cost effective assistance to help with these dangers. Our parking sensors can give an audible warning to help you judge the distance between you and any obstacles. Our sensors will fit onto cars, light commercial vehicles and leisure vehicles at relatively low-cost helping protect them from costly scrapes and bumps.

All our sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour or be integrated into the vehicle bumper for a real OE look. All or sensors have setting adjustments that can easily allow accommodation of a tow-bar or rear-mounted spare wheel

Benefits to you

Our systems can deliver a multitude of benefits to both private individuals and light commercial vehicle operators:

  • Protect your vehicle(s) and your insurance premiums;
  • Help you avoid costly damage and vehicle down-time;
  • Assist drivers in difficult parking situations;
  • Aid light commercial vehicle operators to meet their Duty of Care obligations;
  • Quick and easy installation provides a cost-effective solution.