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Immobiliser Programming instructions

8510 (Touch Key: 937)

1. Turn the ignition ON and OFF 3 times, then ON within 7 seconds

2. The LED will illuminate permanently

3. Touch a working touch key onto the receptacle, the LED will extinguish for 1 second

4. Repeat step 3 for the additional keys you want to add

5. Switch the ignition OFF to exit programming

Note: A maximum of 4 touch keys can be stored on the system. Adding keys will erase all existing keys

0802T (Touch Key: 937)
1. Disarm the immobiliser using a working touch key (LED extinguished)
2. Turn the immobiliser switch ‘1’ to the ON position (the LED will illuminate)
3. Touch a new key into the mini-socket for approx 1 second, the LED will flash
4. Repeat step 3 for all the existing touch key
5. Turn the immobiliser switch ‘1’ to the OFF position (the LED will extinguish)
6. Test both keys.

Note: A maximum of 2 keys can be stored on this system. Adding a key will erase the existing key.


Customer Reviews

My son lost one of the touch keys and the other was falling apart. I spoke to Cobra on the phone and was informed that if I no longer had any touch keys then I would not be able to use my 8510 immobiliser! I bought a new one and a new case. The new one easily programmed to the unit and I repaired the one that was stuck together with tape. If you only have one key I recommend you get a new one because a spare is a must!!
Review by Peter Guilhalmenc
Needed A new one
I was worried when I lost my spare one so ordered a new one. Was easy to add to the alarm and now I'm happy as I have a spare again
Review by Stephen Ghari
exactly what I needed
lost my spare touch key and needed a new one so was happy to get mine so quickly
Review by Sharon Walters
Worked perfectly
I needed a replacement and this was ideal. Very easy to reprogramme
Review by Susan Leitch

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