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If your existing Cobra 7777 case has worn buttons or perhaps the rubber strap has snapped then a simple solution is to replace the case and strap with a brand new one.

The 7777 fob was used with many different models of Cobra alarms. Includin the 3 series, 6 series, 7 series and 8 series alarm range. It was also used on the 1046 remote locking units


Customer Reviews

Should've gone here first!
I foolishly bought some "Cobra" cases on eBay only to find that they were a hard plastic and fake! After speaking to a chap named Michael at cobra car tech I was assured that this one was the real deal. I promptly ordered and I received 2 cases the next day. These were the right ones with soft buttons and a perfect fit. I really wish I came here first as I'm still struggling to get my money back from eBay. It goes to show the old saying of "buy cheap buy twice" is indeed correct! Review by J Bradshaw
Speedy delivery
An excellent product! Thanks!
Review by Nicolas Seoane
thank you
came very quickly
Review by Richard Brooks
easy to swap over
Review by Nigel Morrison
brand new
my rubber strap had snapped and I was always worrying i would losse my fob. Finally got round to buying this and swapped it over. So easy to do. My only regret is i didn't do this sooner and save the worrying! Review by Richard Chase
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