Stolen Vehicle Recovery has come on leaps and bounds due to advancements in telematics technology. These technologies include GPS, GPRS and GSM technology and the systems we use here at Cobra Car Tech are at the forefront of the this market. In fact these systems have helped reduce stolen vehicle numbers in the UK from over 300,000 to under 70,000 in recent years.

And the technology in the hardware isn't the only class leading aspect of the system. The network of Secure Operating Centres liaise with local Police in over 49 countries globally. A service that is second to none.

Now all our systems include user friendly applications that  give owners the ability to obtain a pinpoint location for their vehicle(s) on demand, including the powerful key facility of setting a geofence zone. You can receive an immediate SMS alert with the web function or an in app notification when using the My Connected Car App, should a vehicle leave the pre-set area.

Opting for the Protect & Connect 5 system not only insures Thatcham Category 5 status it comes with Remote Ignition Lock functionality, allowing the Secure Operating Centre to safely immobilise a stolen vehicle with Police authorisation. This proactive stolen vehicle tracking system automatically detects theft even when a thief has taken the vehicle keys.

Features of the Thatcham Category 6 GPS tracker