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I have a Cobra Alarm in my Mitsubishi but no Fobs – What can I do?

Upon import into the UK most Mitsubishi vehicles were fitted with a Cobra alarm as standard. So if you have a Shogun, Lancer , L200 or pretty much any other Mitsubishi the chances are you have Cobra alarm fitted as standard. As time goes by one or more of the fobs or touch keys could’ve gone missing. Or perhaps you picked up your Mitsubishi second hand and the previous owner didn’t supply you with any keys or information.

Some Background Info on the Alarms fitted in Mitsubishis

Mitsubishi renamed the Cobra 8165 as the Diamond Collection Optimum HF3 Security System and rebranded the Cobra 8185 as the Elite 4. Both of these alarms originally came with 2 x 7777b Key and 2 x Touch Key. The large button on the 7777b key operates the central locking and arms and disarms the alarm. The Touch key is as an override to disarm the alarm in the instance of fob failure. It is also needed with the alarm PIN code to add new fobs to the system.

Cobra Touch Key suitable for Mitsubishi alarms
An example of a Touch Key
cobra 7777 fob as used on Misubishi alarms
Example of 7777 fob






Now with both these systems the reprogramming procedures is the same. We’re going to take a look at the possible combinations of scenarios you may find yourself in and explain what you need to do in order to get a new fob(s) and touch key(s).

I have a working touch key and my PIN code but no Fobs or one Fob and I’d like a spare.

This is a nice simple solution. Simply order as many 7777b keys as you need from here and for spare touch keys click here. Upon purchase you will be emailed the instructions on how to add them to the system. The procedure is straightforward and requires no mechanical or auto electrical knowledge or skill. One thing to note is that the alarm can only store up to 4 remotes/touch keys in any combination (for example 2 Fobs and 2 touch keys or 3 fobs and 1 touch key).

I have a working Touch key but I don’t know my PIN code

In order to retrieve your PIN code you will need to find the main unit of the alarm and send us the serial number and model number of the unit.

Where can I find my alarm unit?

One way to find the main alarm unit is to trace the wiring back from the LED. On the Shogun the alarm was fitted predominately in the drivers kickwell panel to the right of the gas pedal.

Shogun Alarm Position | Where is my Misubishi alarm?
Where the alarm is located in the Shogun

What does the serial number look like?

The serial number will be 8 digits long (numbers only). It will be found after an S/N. We will need this alongside the model number of the alarm, which is a 4 digit number. You can email this to support@cobracartech.co.uk to get your PIN code. An example would be model 8165 s/n 01342895

Example of a serial number
Example of a serial number

What can I do if I have no working touch keys?

In this instance it is important to disarm the alarm using a working fob if you have one. If not use the PIN code to disarm the alarm (see above as to how to get PIN code if you don’t have it). The alarm can be disarmed with the PIN code by

1. Turn the ignition ON and OFF 3 times within 7 seconds, the system LED will illuminate
2. When the LED extinguishes switch the ignition ON
3. The LED will flash. Count the number of flashes to correspond with the first digit of the PIN code
4. Switch the ignition OFF then back ON and count the flashes for the second digit of the PIN code
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all four digits of the PIN code have been entered (finishing with the ignition ON)

Once the alarm is in the disarmed state you can remove it from the harness. The main unit can be sent to the manufacturer

Hopefully this guide has helped you with your Mitsubishi alarm. If you have any further questions please email us at support@cobracartech.co.uk or leave a question in the comments below.