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What’s the most effective alarm system out there?

Car security is often a game of cat and mouse. As vehicles and aftermarket security systems get more high-tech so do the thieves. These days the professional car thief isn’t smashing windows or crowbarring doors open. Their real threat comes from key cloning, this allows the criminal access to the car almost effortlessly. In fact last year, in London alone, 44,500 vehicles were compromised using key clones.

Car thief in action
Protect your car from thieves

Key cloning can occur when unscrupulous vendors, such as your local car valet, copy the keys trustingly given to them by unsuspecting vehicle owners. More alarmingly than this is the fact that a portable device or laptop can be used to scan a car key and replicate it. A group of Israeli and Belgian researchers found a vulnerability in Keeloq the algorithm that is used to secure RF anti-theft digital key systems in numerous vehicles, including those made by such companies as Honda, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes Benz and others. All this means the key can be copied remotely will you’re parked up at your local supermarket unwittingly doing your weekly shop.

Now you might think why have car manufacturers allowed their keys to be copied so easily? Well according to European competition rules the cars OBD II port has to be open so that diagnostic programming is available to non-franchised dealers. An innocent enough regulation being exploited by the criminal minded.

But what can be done in order to prevent this kind of theft? Well an ordinary alarm and immobiliser is effectively useless against this attack. As the vehicle believes an original key is being used so doesn’t activate the alarm or immobilise the vehicle. So something more is needed and here’s where the Cobra Thatcham Cat 2-1 Wireless Canbus Alarm With Adr comes in. The Alarm has all the features you’d expect but it’s the ONLY alarm that uses OE key to remain armed in a hack clone situation. And that’s due to the use of ADR cards. If these are not present then the alarm sounds and the immobiliser kicks in. Turning the key clone holding car thief’s simple robbery into an absolute nightmare and more importantly securing your car.

The ADR Card is discreet
The ADR Card is discreet

This high security system disarming feature is straightforward to use. The vehicle owner carries the ADR card with the original keys, they come with a hole and are small enough to be barely noticeable so no worries there. The original vehicle remote just locks and unlocks the vehicle as normal. Upon using the unlock button of the remote the Cobra alarm allows 15 seconds to detect the ADR card, if it is not present the alarm sounds and the vehicle is immobilised. This elegant and convenient solution is the most cost effective way to secure your vehicle.

So if you don’t want your treasured motor to end up in a chop shop being stripped for parts or as part of a ram raiding bank robbery then act today. Get yourself the most effective alarm system out there, get yourself a Cobra Thatcham Cat 2-1 Wireless Canbus Alarm With Adr