How to add a new Cobra Key to your Cobra Alarm

A question we get asked a lot is “How do I add a Cobra key to my Cobra alarm?” If you’ve lost all your fobs, only have one left or just bought a vehicle with a Cobra alarm with no fobs then hopefully this page will be helpful.

For most Cobra Alarms all you will need is a new key, the model number and the PIN code of the alarm in order to program a new key yourself following the specific procedure for your alarm. If you don’t know these don’t worry how to find them is explained later in this article.

All Cobra alarms are divided into Series, for example a 3 series alarm will have a model number starting with a 3 (eg 3190, 3193, 3198 etc) and a 7 series alarm will have a model number starting with a 7 (eg 7908, 7925, 7928 etc) and so on.

As stated earlier most Cobra alarms can be programmed by yourself with the just the model number and PIN code however the exceptions are as follows;

Any 6 Series alarm will need a working Touch Key to be programmed. If you don’t have a working Touch Key you will need to send thedisarmed unit to us. We will program 2 new Touch Keys and 2 new Fobs. The 6 Series alarm was commonly found on Lotus Elise cars.

Cobra Touch Key
Touch Key example

Any 7 Series or 8 Series alarm will require a working Touch Key if the alarm previously had one. One way to find out if a Touch Key had been programmed previously is to see if it has a receptacle for one. If you locate where the LED is for the alarm you can see if it has a metal bit below which is the receiver for the Touch Key. Please see the photo to see an example.

Touch Key Receptacle
example of the touch key receptacle

If you find this is the case then and you have a 7 series then no Fobs can be programmed. If this is the case and it’s an 8 Series alarm then the unit can be sent to us disarmed and we will attempt to program in 2 new Touch Keys and 2 new Fobs. Please note this is not guaranteed as some units will not work. The 8 Series alarm was commonly found in Mitsubishi vehicles.

Ok so if you don’t know your model number or PIN code what can you do? You will need to locate the main unit of your alarm to find the model number and serial number.

As well as being divided into Series, Cobra alarms can be categorized as modular or compact. The modular style alarms have a separate main alarm unit from the siren and the compact alarms were an “all-in-one” unit found in the siren.

If your alarm is a compact alarm then the the image below shows where to find the serial number.

Serial number location on compact alarms
Compact Style Alarm

If your alarm is a modular alarm then the photo below shows an example of a serial number.

Serial number example
Modular Alarm serial number example

The table shows the various different types, please note your alarm might not be shown on here. If you don’t know your model number or it’s not shown on here then it’s best to look under the bonnet first to rule out the possibility of it being a compact alarm before removing internal panelling to locate the modular style alarm.

Alarm Types
This table is not exhaustive

Once you have this information you can go ahead and order the correct fob you need for your alarm. Once the order is placed we will send you via email the instructions along with your PIN code (if requested and if you’ve sent us your serial number and model number.)

You’ll be able to program new fob into the system yourself saving on fees from your local garage or dealership.

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Cobra 7777 Key
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Cobra 8772 Key