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How does Stolen Vehicle Recovery Work?

The concept is simple but effective:

A tracking device is covertly and securely fitted to the vehicle.
This unit uses GPS, GPRS and GSM to communicate and pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle to secure operating centres.
These secure operating centres liaise with the police to recover the vehicle in the event of a theft.

Are there differences in quality?

Put simply like any product there can be differences in quality. Where Cobra tracking systems distinguish themselves is at every stage of the process.

For starters the device used by the Cobra system is the industry class leader. Every Cobra system is designed, manufactured and tested by a team of engineers in a state of the art production facility in Milan, Italy.
Not only do the units utilise low battery drain technology they also benefit from an internal battery back-up. The lightweight construction is compact but highly robust. This means that it can be carefully concealed within the vehicle and even if the would be thief should find it they won’t be able to break it. And in the event of any tampering the unit alerts the secure operating centre.

The communicative aspect of a Cobra system again distinguish it from competitors. The superior design of each device provides highly sensitive 16 channel 158 dBm tracking which allows extended positioning coverage. This means more GPS tracking in places previously not attainable.

The ADR card works passively so all you need to do is carry it

And with a specially designed roaming SIM card the unit automatically communicates with over 360 local GSM networks. This combination of GPS and quad band GPRS/GSM technologies allows for more precise positioning.

Perhaps the most differentiating feature of a Cobra Tracking system is the dedicated 24/7 secure operating centres. Set up to constantly monitor they have obtained a special relationship with the Police to liaise with any patrol car, provide live tracking data including the speed and direction of travel.