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How Effective is Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

Some people see getting a Category 5 or 6 tracker fitted to their vehicle as a “grudge purchase” forced on them by demanding insurance companies. However when we examine some statistics of how effective the stolen vehicle recovery process is these days, due to these trackers, we can see another picture.

In the UK these trackers have helped reduce stolen vehicle numbers from over 300,000 to under 70,000 in recent years. These kind of results help insurance companies lower premiums for owners of higher valued vehicles. They also help curb criminal gangs who operate as professional thieves from continuing.

In the graphic below we can see the data for global recoveries in February 2017. With 212 recoveries valued at £2.15million we see that for the criminals it’s no small “industry.” With that kind of incentive we can see why it happens. It almost becomes the duty of the conscientious car owner to discourage and help combat this kind of deplorable crime. The most effective way to do this definitely proves to be a GPS tracker covertly hidden within the vehicle.

February 2017 stolen vehicle recovery stats
February 2017 stolen vehicle recovery stats