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Saphe One traffic alarm – Bluetooth speed camera detector with audible signal and accident warning

Using your phone while driving can be a safety hazard –with Saphe One you get all the benefits of a traffic alarm app in a safe and non-intrusive way while being able to focus on the road.

The system uses hardly any power and even works when your phone is in silent mode: it just needs an active Bluetooth connection and the Saphe Link app.

Using a Saphe traffic alarm, you become part of one of the largest traffic communities in Europe and gain access to the location data of around 85.000 fixed speed cameras. Additionally, the system provides real-time driving data and speed camera reports from over 650.000 users all over Europe.

With just 2 buttons on the device, easily signal speed checks, accidents or road hazards to other drivers while passing them. The built-in Crash Detect feature automatically detects when the drivers car is involved in an accident and notifies other Saphe users about it. The built-in battery lasts for approx. 2 years before it has to be replaced.

This Saphe One is a UK model. The device works for 30 days throughout Europe. Afterwards it must again be used for a short amount of time in the country (UK) in which it was originally purchased before it works again throughout Europe.

Safety note: Saphe One is supposed to help driving safely. Please follow traffic regulations. Usage of traffic alarms is at your own responsibility. Saphe one speed camera detector traffic warning accident detection average traffic alarm one plus

Product details:

  • Warnings about all types of speed checks
  • One of the largest traffic network in Europe
  • Connection via Bluetooth 4.0 and Saphe Link app (Windows Phone not supported)
  • New features will be added continuously
  • Included in the box: Saphe One with 2 adhesive pads


  •     Size 15 mm x 34 mm x 64 mm
  •     Weight 20 grams
  •     Battery type CR2450
  •     Colour Black
  •     LED Red / green / blue
  •     Application iOS 8.0+, Android 4.3+

Bluetooth SMART technology

Using the extremely power-saving Bluetooth SMART technology, you can connect your saphe device to your smartphone once you have installed the app, Saphe Link.
Bluetooth SMART uses almost no power on your mobile phone, or on the saphe, so you do not have to worry about running out of battery.

LED and speaker

If you encounter a danger or a photo van in traffic, you will be warned both with sound and with flashes.
The flashing light from the LED is clear, and both color and pattern change depending on the alarm you receive.
The same goes for the speaker, which provides sound regardless of the sound settings of your phone.

Buttons and functions

With saphe's simple interface consisting of two buttons (red and blue), you can report and confirm alarms while driving, without taking your attention away from the traffic.
If you see a photo van, or a situation or object on the road that you deem dangerous, you can report it with a single tap

Assembly and app

When you receive your saphe device, you will receive a pair of adhesive pads that you can use to mount saphe in your windshield so that it is easily accessible
and easy to see if you should receive an alarm or need to report , or confirm one yourself.
To connect to Saphe, go to either Google Play or the App Store (depending on whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone) and download our application, Saphe Link, and away you go!

  • Speed Camera Warning – The traffic alarm gives alarms about all types of speed cameras in traffic, including mobile cameras or speed traps, average speed cameras and red light cameras. No subscription fee.
  • Automatic start – After pairing your new Saphe device with your smartphone once, the system automatically starts up by itself on departure while Bluetooth is activated on your phone.
  • Throughout Europe – The location of around 85.000 speed cameras and driving data from users all over Europe are used by the traffic alarm to make driving safer.
  • Live Data – With the 2 coloured buttons, speed checks, accidents or hazards can be signalled and confirmed. The system sends this data to all users in the Saphe network.
  • Extended Features – Road safety is increased by features like accident detection, roadwork or cars on shoulder, while new traffic warning features and alarms will be added through updates.

How to get started

All you have to do as a user is to pair your new Saphe device with your smartphone the first time you need it, and then everything will automatically run if Bluetooth is turned on on your phone.


  • Saphe One connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0+).
  • Bluetooth allows for multiple connections at the same time, but only one user at the time.
  • Saphe One works when you are talking on the phone or listening to music via Bluetooth.

More cars more users

  • Saphe One can be paired with multiple phones, but only one user at the time.
  • A phone can be paired with multiple Saphe units.

Operation and alarms

  • Saphe One is operated without removing your focus from the road.
  • Saphe One has two buttons used to report speed controls and accidents / hazards.
  • The built-in speaker gives a clear warning sound when you get an alarm.
  • The sound is completely independent of the phone’s audio settings.


  • Saphe One is supposed to be mounted within eyesight and reach for optimal usage, e.g. on the windshield or on the dashboard.
  • Saphe One has two adhesive pads for mounting.
  • Download our app, Saphe Link, and use it to pair and connect to your Saphe One+ unit.


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