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If you want an alarm that sounds if the doors, boot, bonnet or inside of the vehicle are breached and you don’t require a Thatcham Approve Alarm then the Cobra Basic Alarm is ideal for the job.

The Cobra Basic Alarm comes with a neat 2 button remote which, when wired correctly, can operate the central door locking as well as arming and disarming the alarm.

The CDL wiring can be configured in 4 different ways (see wiring pic for more info)

Why Choose the Cobra Basic Alarm?

A very affordable alarm

Stylish Remote fob

Can operated the central door locking

For a simple alarm which covers the basics at a reasonable price then this alarm is ideal. Please note this item is not Thatcham approved.

Product specification

  • Basic Alarm
  • Mini Modular Design
  • Intelligent Ultrasonics with square plastic brackets
  • 1 Programmable Output
  • 5 Wire Central Door Locking
  • New Remote Control Colour
  • Auto Door Locking (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
  • ACE Technology Remote Digital Coding
  • Panic Facility & Emergency Override
  • Wire Cutting Protection

The Cobra A4693 Mini Modular Remote Control Alarm and Immobiliser offers protection door to door, boot and bonnet, plus interior ultrasonic protction.


  • 2 Button High Security ACE Remote Control (8772)
  • Electronic Arming/Disarming via PIN Code (Push Button)
  • High Power Siren
  • Ultrasonic Volumetric Interior Protection
  • Perimetric Protection (door, bonnet, boot, etc)
  • 5 Wire CDL Control Including Total Closure
  • Double Lock Pulse
  • Double Unlock Pulse

Installation and Booking

Installation and Booking

To choose the installation option just click on the drop-down menu and select your area.

If your area is not available it could mean that we don’t cover this area for installations and you would need to arrange the installation yourself.

After the order has been paid for and processed we will contact you via email or phone to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for the install.

Our engineer will turn up and install the product.

PLEASE NOTE: If you order a product which is not suitable for your vehicle or we think there might be a better alternative for your needs we will contact you via email or phone to discuss this.


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