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The Cobra CAN Alarm with ADR cards is a discreet and straight forward alarm that offers great protection whilst allowing the driver to use their original key. It comes with ADR cards that passively disarm the system. If they aren't present then the alarm will not disarm. Which makes them great for adding protection agianst key clone attacks

It’s a great choice for owner’s vehicles that only have a factory fitted immobiliser and need more protection. It offers Thatcham 2-1 accreditation and as such can help reduce insurance premiums.

There’s full perimetric protection of the doors, boot and bonnet meaning the alarm triggers and the car is immobilised should they be breached. And the interior ultrasonics add extra protection to the inside of the vehicle making sure the alarm triggers and the car is immobilised should they detect anything untoward.

The siren is a market leader and offers a powerful output to deter any would be criminal. With battery back up technology that’s been approved by Thatcham’s stringent testing criteria it will continue sounding should it be removed from it’s harness.


  • Vehicle Original Remote Control (PLIP)
  • Vehicle Original Remote Control (DOUBLE WIRE CAN)
  • Electronic Arming/Disarming via PIN Code (Push Button)
  • Category 2-1 (Vehicles with Approved Immobiliser)
  • High Power Wireless Battery Back- up Siren
  • Ultrasonic Volumetric Interior Protection
  • Perimetric Protection (door, bonnet, boot, etc)
  • Pager/Siren Output (Negative – alternating or continuous)
  • 2 Low Negative Wire CDL Control Including Total Closure
  • 2 x ADR cards


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