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The procedure to add a new ADR card to the system is as follows:

a. Open the driver side door.
b. Open the bonnet.
c. Connect the main unit blue wire to GND (only when a wireless siren is fitted.)
d. Turn the ignition key ON.
e. Enter the four PIN code digits.
f. A flashing of the direction lights will confirm you’ve entered in the programming procedure.
g. Turn the ignition key OFF, then turn it ON. Two flashes of the direction lights will confirm you’ve entered in the programming page 2.
h. Enter the four PIN code digits again to enter in the programming area for the system control devices. If no further action is done in the following 30s the system will exit the procedure.
i. Press the button of Driver Card to store them in the system, after few seconds the emergency panel LED will make a quick flash to confirm that the new remote control or the Driver Card has been added to the system. All the control devices already stored in the system before entering this procedure must be stored again.
l. If you want to store other remote controls or Driver Cards repeat the procedure at point “i”. The system can store maximum 4 control devices .
m. To exit the procedure disconnect the main unit blue wire from GND or close the bonnet.

2 important things to note whilst doing the Card programming procedure are firstly make sure the antenna is connected to the main unit and secondly be aware that the programming mode will only store the Cards entered in that session so be sure to add any existing cards or they will be removed.


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ADR Card

ADR Card

Replacement Cobra ADR card

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