About us

At Cobra Car Tech we sell the products that provide the solutions to your vehicular needs.

Whether you're after added vehicle security, parking assistance, extra in-car entertainment, hands-free options or speed & cruise control devices our wide range of products have it covered.

No matter if you're an individual wanting more for your  car or a business owner in charge of a large fleet of vehicles looking to save motoring cost we can supply the solutions you need.

We offer free delivery to all UK addresses and can arrange installation on all our goods. Making life simpler for you.

Our award winning range of alarms can help you sleep easier at night knowing your vehicle has the protection it deserves.

If you need extra security then our GPS tracking services are second to none. Covering more countries in Europe than any other system to prevent thieves getting away.

Perhaps you're in charge of a large fleet and  need  Speed limiters and/or Cruise Control fitted to your vehicles. We can supply and fit the  top of the range models which can help lower your fuel costs and potentially save you and your drivers penalties and points on licences.

Other ways to remove unnecessary risks from driving include fitting Parking Aids. With statistics from the Health and Safety Executive showing that nearly 25% of all UK deaths at work involving vehicles occur during some form of reversing manoeuvre your business can ill afford to not have them.

But you don't need to be a professional driver to reap the benefits of top quality Parking Sensors, extra help when parking can avoid those costly scrapes and bumps that can occur when parking in tight squeezes.

Other solutions we provide to insure you're legal whilst driving include our Hands-Free range of devices. Helping you stay legal whilst driving you can opt for the simpler range or perhaps go for one with an integrated music system.

And that's not the only entertainment you can add to make your journeys more enjoyable. Our range of DVD headrests are the highest quality and can be exactly matched to your vehicle's interior. Making them a seamlessly sleek option to keep your on board passengers happy and entertained.

So if you're looking to buy extra vehicle security, parking assistance,  in-car entertainment, hands-free options or speed & cruise control devices you've come to the right place. Have a browse around or contact us if you can't find what you need. 

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