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Could This Save A Young Driver’s Life?

Young Driver
Young drivers are more at risk

Are you the parent of a new driver? Have you ever wondered how you could make driving safer for your son or daughter? Then perhaps there’s a simple solution you’ve completely overlooked.
Bearing in mind that young drivers (17-24 years old) are at a much higher risk of crashing than older drivers any responsible parent should be considering all available technology that could protect their child. It’s a fact that drivers aged 17-19 only make up 1.5% of UK licence holders, but are involved in 12% of fatal and serious crashes.
But what technology is available? Well you may have heard of ‘black box’ technology which involves fitting a black box under the bonnet which essentially works by assessing accelerating and harsh braking. This piece of kit is great but very limited. A much better way to monitor the driving is with a good quality in car camera.
Now you might be thinking to yourself “I’m a responsible mother but I don’t want to be accused of being Big Brother!” The In Car Camera will help your child provide evidence in the incidence of any crash. Without solid evidence it is likely to be assumed that the young driver is culpable for any fault.
And if your child needn’t worry that you’ll be eavesdropping on them. A good In Car Camera can be set so that audible recording is turned off. After all young Johnny and his pals don’t want mummy and daddy listening to their conversations.
But you may be asking yourself how does having an In Car Camera help make my child’s driving safer, surely it’s only useful after incidents have happened?
Well research has shown that young drivers are more likely to take many of the most serious risks, including speeding, overtaking blind, driving on drugs, and not wearing seat belts. It is believed this is due to the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that helps control impulses and emotions and assesses risk, is not fully developed until the mid-20s. Due to this fact the best way to curtail these reckless tendencies is through monitoring them. Now as it’s not practical to sit with your child on every journey so the In Car Camera does the job for you. And because your child knows their driving is being monitored they will be more conscientious.

Reckless driving
Help protect your child

Perhaps the most common risky behaviour young drivers engage in is speeding. It has been shown that excessive or inappropriate speed is known to be a key contributory factor in crashes involving young drivers in the UK and elsewhere. Research has found that a third of fatal young driver crashes in the USA are speed-related. Again this is where a good quality In Car Camera can assist because the speed can be recorded too.
So now you know the facts perhaps the best purchase you’ll make today is a good quality In Car Camera. Check out our range today

What are the benefits of having an in car camera?

Mi-Witness HD In Car Camera
Mi-Witness HD In Car Camera

A lot of us want to keep up to date with the present technologies particularly if they can make our life much easier, more secure and happier. When it comes to driving there’s one little device that possibly can do all of that for everybody.

This latest development in driver safety is the in car cam , also called the dashboard camera, it provides a variety of advantages but many motorists are uninformed of how this device could help them. So it’s time to get a much better understanding of them by taking a look at what they are and what they do.

In other words an in car cam is a recording accessory that sits within the vehicle. The footage recorded is stored on an SD card which can vary in size depending upon how good the digital vehicle recorder is and how much video footage the motorist wishes to save. Many dashboard cams take an array from 2GB to 32GB SD cards.

The more pricey In Car Camera should tape-record in HD and at a better resolution. A clearer image can be beneficial in identifying finer particulars such as license plates from a distance. This can be notably beneficial with regards to drivers who leave the scene of the event.

In fact there are a variety of extra functions which are readily available on the more high end cameras so it is smart to identify which features you need. These can consist of G-Shock recording, GPS recording, motion detection and even BlueTooth connectivity.

Some in car cams will have a G Shock sensor which records when a significant contact happens and this footage will not be written over on the SD card. Most good digital vehicle recorders will certainly have a loop record feature meaning that when the SD card reaches full volume it will record over the earliest footage.
dash cam s with GPS recording will show the route taken by the driver and tape-record the location of any incident. They can also note the speed of the car so you can show irrefutably that any occurrences were not your fault.

DOD LS460W Sony Exmor Sensor Dash Cam
DOD LS460W Sony Exmor Sensor Dash Cam

dash cam s with a motion detection feature will certainly begin recording when activity is detected. This proves useful when the vehicle is parked and individuals or cars are passing. Not only can this help in parking areas where bumps are likely it can be utilized to record any vandalism of your automobile by passers by.

Some of the more costly digital vehicle recorders have BlueTooth connectivity and can be used to connect to your phone supporting a hands free choice for the driver. This is a terrific feature for vehicles which do not currently have a BlueTooth feature fitted.

However the crucial function of any dash cam is exactly what it can do for you as a driver. Well first up it’s primary purpose is to record accidents. We all know how terrible a car accident is, even ones where no one is severely harmed.

What an In Car Camera can do is assist in the awkward insurance claims afterwards. There is no requirement for a lengthy blame game in which statements are skewed in the favour of each person. All there is is solid proof that proves to be unassailable should the case go to court.

In fact leading psychologist Geoff Rolls explains it thusly “Traffic accidents happen so quickly and cause such stress that it’s highly likely the recollections of the people involved will be sketchy, even without taking into account the fact that people naturally interpret things to their own advantage. Dashcams provide a solution to this problem, and can even discourage dangerous or inconsiderate driving by making motorists accountable for their actions.”

In fact a lot of the leading UK insurance companies are seeking to lower rates for motorists with dash cams. Leading insurance business SwiftCover have taken the step of cutting prices by 10 % for dash camera users. They think dashboard cams make drivers “more careful on the road”.
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In fact the increase in insurance coverage premiums for all of us was put down to more insurance fraud claims on the road. With scam artists always ready to come up with more sneaky plans to con innocent motorists it is wise to take safety measures. The very best method to safeguard yourself and your no claims bonus is to have video of any fancy scam ready to present.

digital vehicle recorders can likewise be set to record all the time. Which makes them highly helpful for taping bumps and scrapes when you’re not at your automobile. With numerous accidents taking place in parking lots and with numerous culprits driving off without leaving their information the dash cam serves you well right here.

And with many dashboard cameras recording audio too they can be valuable in other situations such as verbally aggressive drivers. But let’s not dwell totally on the negatives, a dashboard cam can prove to be a great piece of equipment for other circumstances too.

Possibly you would like to tape a journey with a friend. You’re on board conversation can be tape-recorded in addition to the stunning passing scenery. Making a video journal that you can keep for memories sake.

Of course the dash camera can be there to tape-record the nicer elements of driving too. Maybe you want to show your good friends the charming scenic route you drove. To assist with planning the perfect picnic one fine bright Sunday. Or possibly you were driving behind David Beckham’s Bentley and you can’t wait to show your mates.

There’s also the possibility you capture a uncommon event that will certainly make a great post for your Facebook wall. Who knows you could tape the next huge thing that goes viral! The possibilities are unlimited regarding exactly what you may record.

There is a range of arguments to start driving with a dashboard camera and all of them are good. So it could be the wisest purchase you make in a while. A current survey found that 40 % of drivers would feel more secure with a dash cam on board.
So Why not get yourself a dashboard camera today?