How To Install Rear Parking Sensors

ثنائي الشعبي استراتيجية الخيار Lots of people would like parking sensors but don’t feel confident with installing them. Once an overview of the procedure has been established then realistically anyone can do it. Here we’ve put together a guide to help you with the installation process.

الخيارات الثنائية الفوز صيغة PDF see Mark the Holes

see The first thing to do is to mark the holes out onto the rear bumper establishing where the sensors will go. It is recommended that you use masking tape to ensure a visible mark and to limit the likelihood of the drill slipping.

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jobba hemifrån malmö Find the centre of the vehicle and work from here. The spacing between each sensor should be between 30-40cm. Ensure that the spacings are the same for all the sensors. This not only makes for a professional aesthetically pleasing job but also ensures that the sensors will work correctly. It is worth spending time planning this stage. Also note the height from the floor must be between 50-80cm with the ideal height being 55cm.

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فوركس في الهند When making your hole cuts ensure the drill is held at a 90 degree angle otherwise the sensors will not sit right. This will effect their efficiency.

see url Be sure to use the correct size drill bit – some kits come with the bit supplied. For others you will need to buy the bit separately.

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Parking Sensors Installation Guide - marking the holes
Parking Sensors Installation Guide

source Power Supply

اسهم باسعار ممناسبة The control unit has an input for the power lead which is red (positive) and black (negative). The red goes to the reverse light circuit which can be found by consulting your car’s guide book or by using a multimeter. Another possible way is to search the internet on forums about your vehicle, however if you do this it is advisable to double check using a multimeter.

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Main unit and wiring power supply
Main unit and wiring power supply Once the reverse light’s wire has been located strip it and connect the red wire and solder it an tape the joint with electrical tape. The black wire should then be grounded.

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Example of wiring
Example of wiring تجار الاسهم السعوديين Connecting the Sensors

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سعر جرام الذهب اليوم في السعودية Feed each sensor’s wire through the drilled hole and through a suitable grommet hole. Each sensor should be put in the correct input slot in the control unit.

go here go site Connect the LED display

الخيارات الثنائية جودي Find a suitable place on your dashboard or where you would like your LED display. Run the wire to the control unit. Taking care  to make sure the wire is not visible ensure a more professional looking finish